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  • Castor Crave 2 PK.

New ! Castor Crave 2 PK. save by buying 2. Made with 100% real Beaver Castor. Unsweetened 9.5oz. reclosable shaker bottle. Especially effective on mature boars. Everyone knows bears love beavers and with carcasses becoming difficult to find and store this is a perfect alternative. Sprinkle a liberal amount on your bait and around your bait site, also works great as a tracking agent, being an extemely fine consistansy it is easily carried off when it becomes stuck to the bears feet and fur.  While testing hunters were coming into camp asking the outfitter what he sprinkeled  in the place the bears kept going to all evening, they wanted more put out the next day, it was Castor Crave !!!!

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Castor Crave 2 PK.

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